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Almost all of the devices developed by Automation Techniques include software
and controls. We are well versed in the integration of electrical and mechanical
systems. Our systems have used both PC based and PLC based processors.

We are experienced in developing operator interfaces in Visual Basic and
Visual C++ on Windows NT and Window XP platforms. Some of our systems
have been developed for touch screen
usage while others have been for
keyboard and mouse interface.

We routinely deal with communication
with various external devices such as
stepper and servo motors, bar code
printers and readers, electronic
balances/scales, temperature
monitoring devices, light curtains, etc.

We have developed software libraries
such as PID controllers that allow us to
implement specialized controls without
having to purchase specialized

When necessary, we can custom build circuit boards for the devices we
design. For instance, limited space may necessitate that we customize a
circuit board to make it fit inside the device. This capability not only helps us
overcome space limitations, it may also reduce cost and overall machine
size, which can be particularly advantages on higher volume projects.