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Automation Techniques understands that
mechanical and electro-mechanical devices
and equipment are typically used as a
means to an end. They are the tools
used to deliver a product or results.
We consider a project successful
when our clients can take for granted
that the system we design will perform
this function without issue.

The seeds for this level of
reliability are planted early in
the Analysis and Definition stage.
Here, we strive to gain an in-depth
understanding of the purpose
and intended use of the systems.
Our experience in front-end
engineering and definition is a
great advantage to our clients.

Even if we are not involved until after a design is complete or implemented,
we take the time to understand the big picture so that our piece fits seamlessly
into the overall puzzle. We help numerous clients analyze their existing
equipment and designs, in order to solve tough problems and meet
stringent requirements.