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Automation Techniques develops a wide range of mechanical devices for
automated applications. The following is just a small sampling of the machinery
we have developed or enhanced. (Note: Due to Confidentiality Agreements
with our customers, this is a very narrow representation of our
actual experience).

We have extensive experience in the use and manufacture of robotics,
including both pedestal type and gantry type robots. We’ve developed such
machinery to handle and or process all of the following materials

• Bio-hazardous material
• Test tubes
• Microscope slides
• Powdered drug compounds
• Various bottles, vials,
  and containers
• And more

We have designed and implemented our own robots and have also integrated
industrial robots into our equipment. Our staff even has experience with large
human-like robots used in NASA related space applications.

We are experienced in various cam applications such as high-speed packaging and labeling equipment and part ejection/rejection

Mechanical Linkages
Our machines often incorporate various types of linkages. We have the experience and expertise to design a linkage system to
perform almost any desired motion.

Conveyors and Feeders
We commonly use conveyors
to carry and handle parts in
our equipment. We have also made use of vibratory feeders to convey and segregate parts in equipment.

Rotary Indexing Systems
For applications requiring the transference of parts from one station to
the next, we have implemented devices that provide precise rotary and linear
motions. We have integrated standard industrial indexers and have also
designed precision rotary/linear actuators for tight space and unique applications.