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Vertibot Series
Laboratory Automation System

Basic Concept
The patent pending Vertical Robot (VertiBot) Concept allows labware to be stacked in 3D on individually actuated shelves rather than spread out over a large 2D platform.  The shelves provide X-Axis motion of various racks, trays, or plates while a separate robotic arm provides Y and Z-Axis motion for an end-effector.

Small Footprint
With a foot print of less than 20 inches by 20 inches you save valuable bench space.  You can save even more space if you select the integrated touch screen that allows the system to run without a connection to and external computer.

Adaptability and Flexibility
The basic VertiBot system size can be easily adapted to accommodate man labware and ancillary devices such as heaters, balances, ph meters.  The system can also be fully enclosed and vented or left open for easy access.  Wider shelves are optional.

The VertiBot is designed to be an extremely space efficient and cost-effective robotic platform that addresses many laboratory robotic applications.  OEM's can have the system configured to include a wide range of ancillary options to meet their specific needs.  Some examples are:

  • Up to 4 probes for general fluid transfer
  • Variable pitch probes that allows use of 9 and 18 mm pitch labware
  • Plate gripper for moving labware
  • Test tube gripper
  • Analytical Balance for test tube weighing
  • pH Detector
  • Spectrophotometer Detector
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Micro plate Shakers or Heaters
  • Fluid Probe Wash Station
  • Magnetic bead Separator